Education Creations specialises in writing educational narratives and resources as well as learning, staff and audience development for museums, libraries, archives and other cultural institutions.  This is achieved through the provision of consultancy services (advice and training) and resource development designed to enable cultural institutions to broaden their audience base through the delivery of strong learning programmes. 

Target markets include, but are not restricted to the following:

  • Museums, galleries and libraries
  • Environmental centres
  • Not for profit community organisations
  • Government agencies
  • Industry groups
  • Education resource publishing agencies.





Short term services include the delivery of presentations and workshops which focus on various education and learning topics.  The following provides a list of presentations Education Creations offers which can be modified to suit client needs. Education Creations can also develop other presentations based upon client requirements.

Education Creations Case Studies

 This presentation includes an overview of projects to date including self-guided and guided tours, heritage walks, heritage games, role-plays and education kits.

Unravelling and Demystifying the Australian Curriculum and Using it in the Museum Context

This presentation uses easy to understand language to pull apart the Australian curriculum focusing on those aspects which are relevant to museums.  It then provides examples of museum based activities and programmes which can be designed to support curriculum needs. 

What Schools Need and Want and How to Give it to Them

This presentation looks at curriculum needs, programme structure, resources, facilities and programming schools want and need from museums and other cultural institutions.

Students and How to Work With Them in a Museum Setting

This presentation looks at developmental frameworks, learning styles and what this means for cultural institutions education programmes.  Put simply it explores the physical, intellectual and developmental milestones of students from primary to secondary and how this impacts the design of institution specific education programmes. 

Developing Interactive Learning Activities

This presentation demonstrates how to develop education activities using objects, images and local sites.  Clients investigate how to design heritage trails, trails, games as well as how to analysis  objects, images and local sites.  This session can also be developed into a workshop.

How to Design Museum Loan Boxes and Curio Boxes That  Work

This presentation includes a discussion on the benefits of loan boxes and curio boxes, ideas for appropriate topics and inclusions and how to link them to the curriculum.  Again this presentation can take the form of a workshop whereby museum staff bring in a variety of objects based upon a theme and begin to develop a loan box using these objects as their starting point.



Long term consultancy services include the following:

Identify Potential Learning Opportunities

By completing the following three steps, Education Creations can help cultural institutions identify how they can best cater for school audiences

Step 1:  Education Creations will visit the site to conduct a detailed analysis of your organisation from a learning perspective.  This will be done by completing an audit of any current programmes, analysing collections and by examining variables such as space, location, staff base etc.

Step 2:  Education Creations will write a report which details findings and includes recommendations.

Step 3: Education Creations will re-visit the site and deliver the report via a presentation and round table discussion.

Mentor Programme

Education Creations can mentor organisations in the development of their own education programmes by working  with them through all stages of programme development  including concept development, strategic planning, resource and programme development, staff training then finally delivery, evaluation and programme modification if required.



Education Creations is able to design all your education requirements from complete school programmes down to one off activities.  Education Creations specialises in designing programmes and resources which enable students to interpret and analyse exhibitions and collections.  All resources, activities and programmes are designed using current pedagogical practices and the Australian curriculum.


The Whole Package

The Whole Package contains everything you need to run a complete education programme at your museum, library, cultural institution or heritage site.  Education Creations has previously designed Whole Package programmes where no programme has previously existed or where a skeleton programme has been running for some time.  Education Creations has been lucky enough to design  Whole Package programmes for a variety of clients who are able to choose the development of either facilitated or self-directed programmes, the latter being utilised more by smaller, regional museums and libraries.  

Exhibition Package

Education Creations has been contracted to design materials, education resources and activities to enable visiting school students to interpret temporary exhibitions in both museums and libraries.  Past Exhibition Packages have included the following: 

  • Text panel interpretation:  Education Creations has been required to re-write long and/or complex text panels to make them easier for students of varying ages to read and interpret.
  • On-site activities to enable interpretation and information gathering.  These have included trails, worksheets and activity booklets which firstly connect students to important aspects of the exhibition then directs them to complete selected activities at each point including information gathering, investigation tasks etc. 
  • An education kit:  Used by teachers
  • A guide kit:  Used by guides when directing students on-site

E-Learning Resources

Education Creations is able to connect with e-learning developers and develop a package to suit your requirements.


Education Creations is also able to:

  • Re-write complex text to suit different age levels and different learning outcomes
  • Design museum loan boxes or on-site curio boxes
  • Design and advise upon education based open day activities
  • Run school or open day tours and activities