Blake Education. Pascal Press

In 2015 Catherine was contracted to Blake Education as an author on their Australian History Centres series.  The centres are a series of source cards which include a narrative on one side and supporting activities on the other.  The narrative reflects topics and inquiry questions proposed by the Australian History Curriculum while the activities support the students in their understanding and development of historical skills and concepts. 

Tweed Regional Museum

In 2014/2015 Catherine designed an education programme for the Tweed Regional Museum. The brief was to make the programme largely self-guiding and to cover both primary and secondary students.  The programme was developed in close conjunction with museum staff and included museum based activities, school based pre and post visit activities and a town tour.  Most activities were self-guiding and included resources and instructions for teachers and students to use and follow. Those that weren't included a guide script for museum volunteers to follow.  All linked to the Australian and NSW History curriculum.  

Historicool (History Magazine for students aged 8 - 14)

Catherine has an on-going committment to the children's history magazine HistoriCool to design teacher packs which accompany every edition.  Each pack inlcudes activities and links which support the use of selected HistoriCool articles in both primary and secondary schools and is based upon a generic format which was also designed by Education Creations.  Teacher packs are e-mailed to teachers who subscribe to the magazine. 


As well as writing the teacher packs, Catherine regularly authors articles published in HistoriCool.  Each article is based upon an historical theme and has been written to capture the imagination of the HistoriCool audience.

Feedback from teachers and education consultants regarding teacher kits:


'You have really done a fabulous job of integrating History and English with the AC (Australian Curriculum) links...and it'so much more than just a collection of 'worksheets'.  It's a brilliant resource...well done'.

Maree Whiteley, Curriculum Consultant:  Humanities and Social Sciences (Association of Independent Schools of Western Australia) 


'.....I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your first teacher guide - I can see lots of things that could be extremely useful'.


State Library of Queensland


Role - 2011 Design teaching notes to support an on-site, art, installation exhibition.  The teaching notes were published on the libraries web-site and included links to current curriculum, activity suggestions as well as general information about the exhibition.  Extensive background notes on each piece included in the exhibition were also produced.

Role - 2015 Design on-site activities and a school based exhibition kit to enable school students to interpret the major exhbition for 2015 Distant Lines: Queensland Voices of the First World War.  Guide Scripts were also developed which enabled teachers to effectively conduct self-guided tours and direct their students through each exhibition space.  

Marrickville Council Library and History Services


Role - Design a lesson and associated resources which would be used by guides when conducting school tours for grades 3 and 4 students.  The lesson examined the history and symbolism of the Marrickville Winged Victory Statue, an icon of area.  Education Creations delivered a guide kit which included curriculum connections, a script, a resource list and worksheets.  

Moreton Bay Regional Council Libraries 

2012 - 2013

Role - Design education kits which could be used by primary and secondary students when investigating local pioneers and World War 1. The brief was to include activiites which promoted the use of library resources during the investigation stage and which linked directly to the Australian Curriculum.  In order to allow for ease of access library resources were carefully selected and sometimes modified for student use.  The kits were published on the library web-site. Education Creations was also involved in the development of web-site content.

Mercy Heritage Centre, Brisbane

2011 - 2013

Role -  Design four teacher kits and four guide kits for use during school visits.  The teacher kits included extensive pre and post visit activities, background information, classroom resources and links to the Australian and Catholic Education Curriculums.  Each guide kit included tour notes and resources as well as background information.  Four curriculum/exhibition themes were identified and one teacher kit and one guide kit written to support each theme.  

Department of Public Works, Brisbane


Role - Design an education kit which could be used by year 11/12 Legal Studies students when they visit the former Rockhampton Supreme Court.  The former Rockhampton Supreme Court is significant legally and historically as it is where the leaders of the Great Shearers' Strike of 1891 were tried.  This strike was one of the first industrial strikes held in Australia and is said to have been a catalyst in the formation of the Labor Party.  As well as the kit, Education Creations was required to write a mock trial which the students could act out when visiting the court. The mock trial was heavily based upon the actual trial and is a significant element of the kit.

Department of Transport and Main Roads Queensland


In 2010 Catherine was contracted by the Main Roads Heritage Centre in Toowoomba to design an education programme to support the mumeum's static displays.  Catherine delivered four school tours complete with guide kits and resources.  In addition teacher kits were developed and included information about the museum and tours, extensive background information as well as pre and post visit activities.  All material was linked to the current Queensland curriculum with references to the new national curriculum, which at the time of production was in draft form.