More products will be added as they are developed.  If you want a particular resource but can't find it, drop Catherine a line and tell her what you need.


Welcome to History Explorers the brainchild of Catherine Gordon.  History Explorers is a work in progress.  Read on to find out more about this exciting project.


The dream - To develop a user-friendly, fun web-site that contains stories and activities which link to the Australian Curriculum which teachers and students can access and use to explore and learn about the history of Australia and the world.


Why?  Catherine identified a need for fun, useful and informative content regarding Australian history topics. 


What will History Explorers look like? History Explorers will be a web-site which will contain a number of stories that relate to various topics specific to the Australian History Curriculum. Each story will be available for purchase as part of a kit.  Each kit in turn will not only include the story but will also include some pre and post visit activities and an accompanying PowerPoint which teachers can use when sharing the story with their students. 


How can the stories be used?  It is hoped teachers will use the stories and their accompanying PowerPoints as a fun way of introducing students to various topics specific to the Australian Curriculum.  The students can also use the stories to research these topics themselves.


Is that all?  No.  The web-site will also boast a number of  games, fun facts and other useful resources which teachers and students can access for free.


 Progress to date.  Education Creations has developed two leading characters - Ned and Kelly - who will guide the students through their history explorations.  A web-site is currently being developed as are four kits.  The stories contained within each kit are thoroughly researched.  Each supporting PowerPoint contains fun images, many which have been hand drawn.  As kits and PowerPoints are developed they will be uploaded to the web-site. 


Education Creations believes the priority at this stage should be on researching and developing the story kits and their supporting PowerPoints.  Teachers and students need this information now!  The interactive aspect of the web-site will come later.


Stay tuned for more information regarding this fantastic project.  For now you might like read a bit more about Ned and Kelly below and remember to keep an eye out for the web-site www.historyexplorers.com.au.  It will be up soon.


If you have any questions or comments regarding History Explorers drop Catherine an e-mail at edcreations@hotkey.net.au.  She would love to hear your thoughts on this project.



                                           Ned and Kelly

Hi my name’s Ned and this is my mate Kelly.   We live in Australia and together our names form the name of one of Australia’s most famous bushrangers – Ned Kelly.  Kelly’s my best mate now but it wasn’t always the case.  We were both at the same school for four years before we spoke to each other for the first time; here is why we did.

 One Friday, in grade four, we both got detention for not doing our usual homework and strangely enough we both had the same excuse.  We didn’t do it because we had a history project on explorers and we both preferred working on that instead.  Our teacher made us write out 'we love homework' 100 times.  By the end of it my hand was sore and I still liked history better.

Anyway the point is, this shared experience got us talking and we quickly learnt that we both LOVE history and we thought that if we both liked it so much that there might be others out there who did also, so we decided to form a club.  Because it was a history club and because it was a history project on explorers that brought us together, we decided to call it the History Explorers club. 

We meet the first Friday of the month in our classroom and we share different stories from history.  We’ve also done some other things like hosting a history day at school.  Everyone had to dress up as someone they admired from history.  The principal (who is a man) dressed up as Queen Elizabeth I.  He said he thought she was a great leader, just like himself….  His wig kept falling off all day, it was hilarious.

We’re always looking for club members so if you love history as much as we do, you might like to join our club.  If you do you can download the club certificate to prove that you are a fair dinkum, true blue history explorer!  You can find it on either classcreate.com or teacherspayteachers.com.